Xiaomi Folding Phone Scheduled To be Launch Next Year

In the past two years, mobile phone manufacturers giants Samsung and Huawei have each launched their own folding screen mobile phones, while other mobile phone manufacturers, such as vivo, OPPO, and Xiaomi have not kept up. Samsung and Huawei have become unique and attract many consumers to look. However, this situation will not last long.  On October 22, the digital blogger leaked the news that the foldable screen project has made new progress, and it is tentatively scheduled to be listed next year. The current engineering phone testing is the internal folding solution. Although the blogger did not indicate the specific mobile phone manufacturer who leaked the news, judging from the “rabbit” (Mi is the mascot of Xiaomi) and previous information, he was referring to the Xiaomi folding screen.

Prior to this, Xiaomi had a patent for a foldable screen that was published, which happened to be an in-folding design. The patent shows that the Xiaomi folding screen mobile phone adopts an internal folding design similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. It is equipped with a display on the front. After the mobile phone is unfolded, there is a main display on the inside. There are three cameras on the back of the phone, arranged in a vertical row in the upper left corner.

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Based on this revelation, Xiaomi’s foldable screen mobile phone is likely to adopt the design of the patent display. But it is worth mentioning that said that the appearance of the Xiaomi foldable screen phone is even better than that of the Samsung Fold2, which can not help but make people look forward to it

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