Xiaomi Foldable Phone Spy Photos Released?

As more and more foldable phones appear in the smart phone market, many new products from manufacturers that have not yet released foldable phones are also attracting attention. The Xiaomi brand has a strong presence in the mobile market, but it has yet to release a phone with a foldable screen design, and many Mi fans are already saying they can’t wait to buy a foldable phone. Recently, a netizen posted a picture of what appears to be a Xiaomi phone with a folding screen. Let’s take a look.

According to the photos posted by the user, the phone has a fold-in screen, which seems to be a good size. When the screen is expanded, it is probably around 8 inches. On the back of the phone, there is no display, but according to the market development direction, this phone should also be equipped with a secondary screen, on the right of the camera. It’s worth noting that while the authenticity of the photo is up for debate, the phone on the back is marked “Xia,” which bears a strong resemblance to Xiaomi.

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In addition, this period of time on the Internet appeared a lot of information about the new mi mobile phone exposure, part of which is the phone’s parameters, part of the phone’s appearance design. Judging from the leaks, there has been no official confirmation of the appearance of Xiaomi’s fold-screen phone, and a lot of content is just speculation.

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