Xiaomi Flip Folding Screen Phone Leaks: Four Sides of Same Width

Since Samsung set off the trend of folding screen mobile phones, mainstream manufacturers have begun the research and development of folding screens. At present, Huawei, Xiaomi, MOTO, and other manufacturers have launched mass-production versions of folding-screen phones, but their exploration of folding screens is still deepening.

At present, the foldable screen phones on the market are roughly divided into two solutions, one is the Galaxy Z Flip, which looks like a flip phone, the other is the Galaxy Fold, which is a phablet when unfolded.

In March of this year, Xiaomi released the first folding screen mobile phone MIX FOLD model, which uses a left-right folding scheme similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which can obtain a larger screen size after unfolding.

However, Xiaomi is still developing other folding solutions internally. Recently, overseas media have exposed the patent design of Xiaomi’s clamshell folding screen model.

According to the picture, Xiaomi Flip clamshell-style folding screen is very similar to the previous Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The back adopts a dual-camera + secondary screen design. The small screen can check the time, notifications, and other information at any time, effectively reducing the number of screen openings and closings. Extend the life of the folding screen.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi has achieved a four-sided equal-width screen frame effect on the internal main screen. Unfortunately, there are still holes in the screen, and the under-screen proactive scheme has not been realized, and the proactive seems to be equipped with at least a dual-camera mode. Group, the opening is a long strip shape, which looks a bit contrary.

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However, at present, this is only a design scheme of Xiaomi. It is not known whether the R&D of mass production machines.

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