Xiaomi crowdfunds a Smart Chopsticks Sterilization Tube priced at 99 yuan (~$14)


Chopsticks are the traditional eating utensils of some countries including China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam. They can be made of wood, gold, silver, ivory, bamboo, or plastic. They come from China’s ancient history. It is quite common to see chopsticks disinfection equipment in restaurants but not many of such gadgets are available for use at home. That may have prompted Xiaomi to back a Chinese firm which has now launched a smart chopsticks sterilization tube on the Youpin platform.

Smart Chopsticks Sterilization Tube

While metal chopsticks may not pose serious health challenge, the wooden, ivory and bamboo-made chopsticks are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria because of their ability to retain moisture for long. The sterilization kit has a storage case and a chamber for sterilization and features a white minimalist design. The device is fit to hang on a wall, thus saving space. It has a dimension of 344mm x 87mm x 68mm.


The smart chopstick sterilization kit uses medical grade Ultraviolet radiation which can kill nearly 98% of all bacteria. It is effective against the common food bacterias; E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus which can cause diarrhea, fever and other diseases. The kit can hold 20 pairs of chopsticks at the same time and support various materials such as bamboo, wood, iron, plastic, stainless steel.


Enhanced Structure

The chopsticks sterilization tube has an easy-to-disassemble structure with separate draining areas. It has a magnetic sensor switch design such that upon the opening of the cover, the device powers off. It then starts sterilizing upon closure of the cover. The sensor also adjusts the running time according to the kitchen ambient temperature. The device has a power rating of 4.2W. In addition, the device is almost silent during operation. It generates no noise. Furthermore, it has an all-day standby which does not have any effect on its life span.