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Xiaomi Camera Tasting Will Reveal Its Future Goals

Xiaomi held an image tasting meeting to exchange mobile phone images with photography experts in the imaging field. Zeng Xuezhong, president of Xiaomi’s mobile phone department, said at the opening that the future goal of Xiaomi Camera is to be a continuous leader in the field of mobile phone imaging, with professional shooting first, user experience first, and creating more possibilities and impossibility.

The rapid development of mobile phone imaging can be said to be standing on the shoulders of a century-old camera giant, constantly absorbing advanced technology to rapidly innovate and upgrade. So what is the future direction of Xiaomi Image? Xiaomi’s product director Miao Lei said that Xiaomi’s imaging strategy has two strategic directions: one is ultra-clear, covering all scenes and all time periods; the other is video, providing professional video and intelligent creation.

Xiaomi Camera

Xiaomi Camera

Xiaomi’s product director Wang Xuanran talked about the core of computational photography at the tasting meeting. He believes that the three elements of computational photography are devices, computing power and algorithms. The Yexiao algorithm is a representative work of Xiaomi’s computational photography, which enables high-quality works to be taken in extremely dim light environments. Wang Xuanran also mentioned the surging C1, calling it a professional image processing chip, which is also a bold attempt.

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Previously, Xiaomi launched two models, Xiaomi 11 Pro and Xiaomi 11 Ultra, and the first Samsung GN2, which has good image capabilities. Samsung Vice President Zhang Dexuan recorded a video for Xiaomi Video this time: “The newly released Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro uses the ISOCELL GN2 image sensor, which will definitely help capture unforgettable moments, presenting incredible details and vividness. Xiaomi sensor expert Kobayashi also said that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has made a huge breakthrough in the size of the photosensitive element. The GN2 jointly developed with Samsung is a comprehensive presentation of super hardware and self-developed algorithms, which lays a solid foundation for the image experience to be upgraded again.

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