Xiaomi Band 8 Pro genshin impact custom version is on sale again today

igeekphone December 19 news, last week, Xiaomi launched the latest Xiaomi band 8 Pro genshin impact customized version opened the first sale, 549 yuan price was rice fans and “genshin impact ” players quickly snapped up.

According to official news, the original version of the Xiaomi Band 8 Pro will be on sale again at 10 a.m. this morning, and it is still the price of 549 yuan for the first time.

The most surprising thing about this customized version is the complimentary hand-level charging base, which uses the popular Dadalia image design and the shape of a big whale.

The main body of the bracelet is mainly customized with a special strap, the use of light gray main color is more versatile, and it also has a built-in Dadalia dynamic dial, which is a new shape every time you lift your hand, in addition to a number of “genshin impact ” and Dadalia element dial options.

In addition, the customized version also brought a number of eggs, such as binding, charging animation are deeply customized, “genshin impact ” atmosphere full.

The other aspects are consistent with the ordinary version, with 1.74 inch OLED square screen, which is the largest screen in the Millet Band series, the screen proportion is increased to 73%, with Corning Gorilla glass cover plate, full screen brightness 600 nits, 60Hz refresh rate.

Built-in 289mAh battery, magnetic charging, up to 14 days of battery life, AOD mode (all-weather display) up to 6 days.

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