Xiaomi Automatic Water Dispenser launched for 89 yuan ($13)

Last month, Xiaomi crowdfunded an automatic water dispenser. With the start of this month, the Xiaomi automatic water dispenser hit the market for 89 Yuan ($13). The company also sold a basic version without TDS for 69 yuan ($10). This automatic water dispenser has a design that supports high compatibility. Moreover, it is multi-purpose for easy matching of mainstream bottled water in the market. There is no need to hold the bucket sailor on the water dispenser and a short person can easily use it. It can also avoid bacterial growth or secondary pollution upon the alternation of the containers.

Xiaomi Automatic Water Dispenser


The Xiaomi automatic water dispenser supports touch operations such as double click to open, touch to stop, etc. Water won’t be stored inside the water heater to avoid bacterial growth, but every time the water is used, the motor responds quickly and sucks out. The TDS version of the water purifier innovatively combines TDS water quality detection function with the water trap. It screens three types of impurities in the water which includes soluble salt, ionic organics, and heavy metal ions. In terms of design, it uses a simple line, matte finish + elegant white color and comes with a USB charging design. It charges for 3 hours and you can pump 144.L water, equivalent to 78.9 barrels of water. It also has a cue light function. When the battery is low, the red light reminds you.