Xiaomi 200W+120W Top Fast Charging Comes Out

Xiaomi officially announced that the magic revision of the Xiaomi 11 Pro leaked two world records. The machine is equipped with 200W wired fast charging, which only takes 8 minutes to charge 100%, bringing wired charging into the 10-minute era for the first time.

At the same time, it has also achieved 120W ultra-fast wireless fast charging, which can charge 100% in 15 minutes, breaking the 100-watt mark for the first time in wireless charging, and even surpassing the wired fast charging speed of many top flagships.

However, after the release of these two top-level charging technologies, some netizens were very worried about their safety due to excessive power, and Xiaomi specifically explained the specific details in detail.

According to the official introduction, the new fast charging technology involves up to 40 safe and active protective measures from the charger end to the motherboard and the battery end. These protective measures mainly cover the four dimensions of charging temperature, charging voltage, and charging current, including the entire charging protocol. Positional protection to ensure safety.

At the same time, Xiaomi also uses multiple heat dissipation technology to support, under the 200W+120W fast charging power, it can still do good heat dissipation control.

In addition, Xiaomi has also customized a 10C super-fast charging chemical system for 200W, which protects the battery materials to the extreme. The battery energy maintains more than 80% after 800 cycles, far exceeding the national battery life standard after 400 cycles. Keep 60%.

Finally, Xiaomi officially explained the three secrets that prompted their fast charging technology to go from behind to overtake:

1. The company’s top management including the boss continues to invest in the field of charging technology;

2. The rapid growth of the team of charging experts, coupled with the improvement of personnel capabilities, is now the top technical team in the industry;

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3. Xiaomi has always had an engineering culture. Our engineers can boldly innovate and try and make mistakes, breaking or breaking through the constraints of traditional technologies.

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