Xiaomi 200W Cable Fast Charge will do Mass Production Next Year

In the past two years, Xiaomi has been very aggressive in its exploration of mobile phone charging technology, breaking world records for many times. Moreover, the 120W quick charging technology of its mass-produced models is still the world’s top charging technology.

Xiaomi hasn’t let its lead stop it, officially unveiling a revamped version of Mi 11 Pro in May this year, which broke two world records for fast charging.

Among them, the wired charging power reaches 200W, which only takes 8 minutes to charge 100%, bringing the wired charging into the era of 10 minutes for the first time. At the same time, it also achieves the super fast wireless flash charging of 120W, which can charge 100% in 15 minutes, breaking the 100-watt mark of wireless charging for the first time, even exceeding the wired fast charging speed of many top flagship.

At the time, Xiaomi did not officially disclose the production date of the two top-notch fast charging models. However, a blogger recently revealed Xiaomi’s plans for the technology, including the 200W wired fast charging model, which will be released around June next year.

According to the schedule of this year, the first 200W wired charging will probably be completed by the top model of the Mi 12, which will probably be named 12 Ultra, which will also become the highest fast charging model in production.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi official has the security problems of this technology are introduced, the official said the new quick charge technology from the charger to the mainboard and battery involved as much as 40 heavy security protection, the protection measures mainly from the temperature, battery voltage, charging current charging includes the entire agreement of the four dimensions of comprehensive protection, in order to ensure safety.

At the same time, Xiaomi also adopts multiple heat dissipation technology, which can still do a good heat dissipation control under 200W+120W fast charging power.

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In addition, Xiaomi also specially customized 10C super fast charging chemical system for 200W, which achieves the ultimate protection of battery materials. The energy of the battery remains more than 80% after 800 cycles, far exceeding the national battery life standard, which requires that the energy remains 60% after 400 cycles.

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