Xiaomi 14 Ultra Revealed to Debut in Q1 Next Year

Digital Chat Station hinted that Xiaomi would debut the Xiaomi 14 Ultra in Q1 next year as the 2024 “Light of Android” created by Xiaomi and positioned as a full-focus image flagship.

Digital Chat Station revealed that Xiaomi 14 Ultra uses an extremely narrow micro-curved screen solution, which is expected to be the same deep micro-curved screen as the one on Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro, combining the visual experience of a straight screen and the feel of a curved screen. This screen provides a visually continuous and smooth experience with a magical sense of suspension, making it the ideal solution to end the dispute between straight and curved screens. Mi 14 Ultra is expected to continue using this top-notch screen.

As the flagship of the year, Xiaomi 14 Ultra differs from Xiaomi 14 Pro in the image department. The former is equipped with the Sony LYT900 image sensor, while the Xiaomi 14 Pro utilizes the Light Hunter 900.

Reports suggest that Sony LYT900 features a 1-inch super outsole, which is an optimized version of Sony IMX989. It also supports DCG double conversion gain, which reduces the impact of pixel power noise, thereby improving image quality.

Additionally, the 1-inch outsole of Sony LYT900 will bring enhanced photosensitivity, better basic image quality, improved low-light image quality, and better color expression, among other benefits.

In terms of core configuration, the Xiaomi Mi 14 Ultra will come equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen3 mobile platform and is expected to offer 1TB of storage.

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