Xiaomi 14 Pro mobile phone offers a titanium alloy version, less than 2 months from release

igeekphone news on September 8, 2023 Snapdragon Summit will be held from October 24 to 26, with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor release time approaching, Xiaomi 14 series recently have a number of revelations out.

According to the blogger @digital chat station revealed that in addition to the Apple iPhone15 series, Xiaomi’s “big cup” model also has a titanium alloy version. In addition, Xiaomi this time in the screen, frame, back cover also used a lot of new materials and new processes. The blogger did not disclose the specific model of the product, comprehensive previous Revelations, is expected to be Xiaomi 14 Pro mobile phone.

In addition, the blogger also revealed in the comment area that the release time of Xiaomi’s new flagship has been less than two months.

According to igeekphone previously reported, the blogger previously broke the news that the Xiaomi 14 series mobile phone is “basically determined” before the Double 11 release, and the big advance is mainly because the Xiaomi 13 series sales exceeded expectations. The blogger also said that usually millet digital series sales cycle is more than a year, this millet 13 series of two products basically 9 months to complete the goal, Xiaomi 13 Pro has been out of stock on the whole platform.

Xiaomi 14 series new machine line draft has been exposed by the blogger. According to his latest description, the Mi 14 standard version uses the extreme small straight screen + right Angle center frame design, the Pro version uses the extreme large and micro quad screen + right Angle center frame, both of which provide a bright body version, and then remove the partition design in the line draft.

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