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Why Does the Redmi K40 Gaming Version Have a Flexible Screen?

The new model of the Redmi K40 series, the Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Version, will be officially released. As Redmi’s first gaming phone, it has naturally attracted the attention of many consumers.

As the press conference approached, Redmi officials also increased the frequency of warming up the new machine.

This time, the K40 game version will adopt the design scheme of OLED flexible direct screen and has 1.8mm extremely narrow three sides and 2.7mm straight screen chin.

When it comes to why Redmi insists on choosing a flexible screen as a gaming phone this time, Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group China, conducts science popularization for consumers through Weibo.

Lu Weibing said that the thickness of gaming phones currently on the market is basically about 10mm because gaming phones take too much space.

In addition, game phones basically support or area equipped with shoulder buttons, powerful cooling systems, X-axis motors, dual speakers, large power, fast charging, etc., and these are very mobile phone space.

At the same time, this time Redmi is determined to not only achieve full game functions but also solve the heavy problem of other gaming phones, which is to make a mobile phone that is “thin and light, not like a hard-core gaming phone”.

Based on the currently known information, the Redmi K40 Gaming Enhanced will be equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 1200 flagship processor, Samsung E4 material OLED single-hole screen, 120Hz refresh rate, built-in 5000mAh capacity battery, and 67W fast charge. As a gaming phone, in addition to excellent performance, the heat dissipation capacity cannot be ignored.

The Redmi K40 Gaming Enhanced not only has a built-in super large VC soaking plate and large area graphite sheet, but also introduces white graphene as a new heat dissipation material, and the heat dissipation material area of ​​the whole machine exceeds 10000mm². In other respects, the new version of K40 uses a pop-up “hard shoulder button” solution, with mechanical hard feedback, and more direct touch.

The shoulder key uses a high-performance neodymium iron boron magnet group, which has strong magnetism and small size and is the highest magnetic permanent magnet material. It is worth mentioning that the K40 gaming version will be shipped with MIUI 12.5 stable version, which is also the first mobile phone to run MIUI 12.5 stable version at the factory.

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