What would a billionaire do on SNL?

Asa Mathat/Recode

Tesla CEO Elon Musk — the first or second richest man in the world, depending on the phase of the Moon — will host Saturday Night Live this weekend (the first or second funniest show that airs on Saturday evenings, depending on if anything else is on TV).

The event is a strange confluence of things that The Verge covers: a powerful tech leader with ambitions that are as huge as his blind spots, and someone destined to barrage you with so many dad jokes that one is bound to land at some point. Plus maybe Dogecoin? (A meme gone so awry that it’s shaping the actual landscape of the physical world is definitely some Verge shit.)

So what can we expect when Musk takes the stage late on Saturday evening? Using a bit of algorithmic trickery and…

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