What just happened this week?

A mob of President Trump’s supporters rioted at the Capitol | Photo by ALEX EDELMAN/AFP via Getty Images

Ah, what a year this week has been! Our entire perception of time has already been skewed by the pandemic, but even by that standard the last few days have felt like a bizarre time warp, starting with a Slack outage on Monday that seemed like it would be the story of the week. Oh how naive we were. Of course, Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol as Congress was certifying the Electoral College results dominated the rest of the news cycle, and social media and other online platforms decided that by inciting the rioters, the president had finally crossed a line.

Here’s a review of the tumultuous first week of 2021.

Wednesday January 6th

After he spoke to a rally near the White House, a mob of Trump supporters marched on, and broke into the…

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