Wenwen Smart Jewelry

Redefining the Jewelry

It is often difficult to make the excellent compromise between having smart and stylish accessories but now Wenwen has introduced an innovative product designed specifically for that.
These bracelets have a special connection and can be both individual platforms and especially couples. Because they can come in pairs.
For now it is an kickstarter campaign if interested is looking here

Design & Built Quality

Joy is model for ladies is more delicate and more feminine with a large white stone in a golden-rose circle with many brilliant clusters. The bracelet is made of oval Jewel or white or golden-rose chains with a special style.

Eric has a slightly more prominent and masculine style. the stone is in the shape of Jewel is a white pyramid framed by a silver rectangle covered by crystals. the bracelet is in two parts of black leather and the other is made of a series of square links. A big problem is that the bracelet is very small and I suspect that at least two chain links should be handy.
Both are IP68 water and dust resistance.


Call Reminder: Whenever the phone calls, the smart jewelry reminds you by vibrating or flickering according to what your setting is.
Message Reminder: Whenever the phone receives a message or other notification from your social apps, smart jewelry announces you with vibration or flashing.
Sending SOS: Clicks in particular order on the gem of your smart jewelry, the jewelry will vibrate for 6 seconds, and the other side will receive a distress message, which include your pre-edited message and your real-time location.
Anti-Lost: When the distance between smart jewelry and mobile phone reaches more than the effective range of Bluetooth connectivity, jewelry will remind you vibrating and shining brightly.
Shake To Selfie: You can take a selfie anytime you like by shaking your smart jewelry. This feature also allows you to set a self-timer.
Magical Jewelry: Through the Wen Wen app, you can choose the jewelry display color and lighting effects, and are free to switch long bright, flashing or dance mode.
Wenwen Code: Tap your jewelry in particular orders to convey a secret message to your partner. You can set your personal order and words.
Pedometer: Wen Wen app enables you to count your steps every day, as well as your walking distance and calorie consumption.

Battery Life

For my usage the 10mAh is good for 10 days , and take 40 minutes to fully charge whit the provided accessory The magnet is sufficient to lock on back side of the Jewel and provide a safe induction charge.
And after 240 battery charges total maximum output will be still 80% of new total power .


Wenwen Jewelry being the most creative and innovative firm of jewelry . But there are some issues whit the software at this moment but i guess on time of release all will iron out .
Also Eric bracelet is very small and at least for my wrist is very small.
All these campaigns are risky, I’m not a fan of products with time to release. but you are person who likes to take risks. You can try
If you are interest please visit HERE

Excellent presentation. It looks like a gift and it’s really something special.
What I really liked is that the boxes have a magnets and the pairs stick eachother.