Weird flex: TCL shows off two more of its rollable, extendable display concepts

One of TCL’s many display concept prototypes. | Photo: TCL

TCL has never been shy about showcasing its display concepts at trade shows, and this year is no different; the company is (virtually) showing off a couple of these prototypes at CES 2021. Bearing in mind that there’s absolutely no guarantee these concepts will ever reach market, they’re still a fun glimpse at a possible future of display tech. First up is a mobile device with an AMOLED “rollable” screen which can extend a 6.7-inch display up to 7.8 inches. TCL says the device is less than 10mm thick with a 3mm bend radius.

TCL calls this a rollable display, though there’s no outwardly obvious rolling action.

A similar concept appears in one of the more unintentionally funny promotional videos we’ve seen at CES so…

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