Watch NASA test fire its massive new rocket

The B-2 Test Stand at NASA’s Stennis Space Center near Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. | NASA

Update 6:05PM ET: A little over a minute after the Green Run hot fire test began, the engines shut down.

Update 3:10PM ET: NASA has moved up the time for the Green Run hot fire test. The NASA broadcast will now start at 3:20PM ET, and the test window opens at 4PM ET.

Four huge rocket engines will roar to life on Saturday, in a crucial test for NASA’s powerful next-generation rocket. This long-awaited trial run won’t leave the ground, but it will be so powerful that officials have warned that it may be heard up to 60 miles away.

Saturday’s test is the last step in series of tests that NASA calls a Green Run for the Space Launch System (SLS), a powerful rocket designed to launch missions to the Moon and deep space. It will test the 212…

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