Want to dominate DxO? Xiaomi mi 11 high-end Camera Makes breakthrough

Today, the Mi 11 microblog launch revealed the tip of the iceberg for the Mi 11 video segment.

Officials say mi 11 computing photography brings a new breakthrough in high-end imaging. Mi 11 breaks through the physical limitations of optics with artificial intelligence, creating a new visual imagination with powerful computing power, and surpassing the details visible to human eyes with deep learning. Thus, Mi 11 brings a series of new experiences beyond expectations.

Some people have speculated that Xiaomi mi11 may be the top contender in the list DxOMark.

Historically, Xiaomi has dominated the DxOMark with many models, such as Xiaomi mi CC9 Pro, Xiaomi mi 10 Pro, Xiaomi mi 10 Supreme, and so on.

Among them, the Mi 10 Pro camera released in February ranked first in the total score, topping the list for 48 days, and the Mi 10 Super Version released in August ranked no.1 for 72 days.

The Mi 10 Supreme is by far the strongest Xiaomi phone on the market, and DxOMark gave the flagship a high rating: “The new leader in the list is worthy”

Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, pointed out that it is not easy for Xiaomi to be the first in the world in DXOMARK, which is the core power of Xiaomi that dares to attack the high-end market.

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According to previously disclosed information, the Mi 11 has three rear cameras, one less than the previous generation, and its image performance should be expected.

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