Wang Teng: Redmi Note 13 Pro+ is the most powerful 200 megapixel model

igeekphone September 11 news, Redmi market general manager, Redmi brand spokesman Wang Teng just announced that today is the first day of his return to Redmi, but also the first day of the Note 13 series official announcement.

He said that the Note series can best represent the original heart of Redmi, since the birth of the day bearing the drive out of the industry chaos, reshaping the industry baseline, serving the mission of public users, but also represents the ultimate cost performance, each generation of Note, almost constantly refresh the mid-end machine in the industry’s “perfect answer.”

Over the past decade, with the continuous growth of the Note series, it has become the best choice for more than 300 million users worldwide.

He claimed that the second half of the experience will lead the industry’s awareness of the experience, that is, Note 13.

Wang Teng revealed that the top model Note 13 Pro+ will bring the clearest and fastest 200 million pixel experience ever.

The machine is Redmi hand in hand with MediaTek and Samsung, the three parties a lot of research and development resources investment to build.

In addition, he also emphasized that the Note 13 series is not only the image, but also the appearance, texture, screen, quality and other aspects have been comprehensively upgraded.

Wang Teng stressed: “I think this generation of Note, in the same gear, there is still no opponent.

Note 13 Pro series this time equipped with Samsung ISOCELL HP3 exploration version, with 1/1.4 inch outsole, 200 million pixel image quality can directly replace the telephoto lens, several kilometers away the picture is still clearly visible.

In addition, the lens also supports 4-in-1 pixel fusion technology, which can output a 50 million pixel film, and supports 16-in-1 pixel fusion, which can output 12.5 million pixels, greatly improving the quality of dark light and night shooting.

In terms of screen, the three models of the Note 13 series are paired with the flagship resolution of 1.5K resolution, which further popularized the HD effect.

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