Walmart, Ikea, and Amazon have a dirty shipping problem

Consumers Buying Goods Online During The Covid Pandemic Results In Backup Of Tanker Ships At Long Beach Port
SAN PEDRO, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 01: A container ship enters the Port of Los Angeles on February 1, 2021 in San Pedro, California. As of January 28, a record 38 container ships were on standby to offload cargo to the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles amid a wave of online consumer goods purchases in the U.S. amid the pandemic. | Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Giant retailers, including Amazon and Ikea, have pledged to go green, but their shipping is still pretty dirty. Now shoppers can now see how much pollution some of the biggest retail companies in the US each generate while bringing goods into the country, thanks to a new report. In 2019, the 15 companies in the report generated almost as much climate pollution as 1.5 million American homes do in a year.

The report looks at greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution caused by shipping piles of cargo around the world and ranks the top 15 biggest polluters by company. Walmart tops the list, generating more greenhouse gas emissions than a coal-fired power plant would in a year. Ashley Furniture, Target, Dole, and Home Depot round out the top…

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