Vuzix MicroLED Smart Glasses With Dual Projectors Unveiled at CES

Today, at CES 2021, the American company Vuzix partnered with the Chinese monitor manufacturer Jade Bird Display to launch new smart glasses based on microLED technology. The new Vuzix MicroLED Smart Glasses have an attractive design, supports gesture control, and in general, can become a kind of Google Glass of 2021.

One of the most interesting parts of the Vuxiz glasses created in collaboration with Jade Bird Display is that they use a small microLED display projector to project the image onto the glasses lens. Vuzix said that this module can project monochrome stereo images. In terms of interaction, the right side of the temple has a sliding touch area.

It is not clear what the glasses project into the wearer’s field of vision. But considering that the glasses are compatible with iOS and Android systems, we hope that they can display information such as notifications and guidance.

AR smart glasses have not really become popular in consumer technology. There are often more applications in enterprises and industries; for example, people engaged in remote oil rig repairs can use it to obtain schematic information, but if Vuzix can make a pair of smart glasses that look quite fashionable and inexpensive, then we can see the daily use of smart glasses.

The module, which projects a monochrome stereoscopic image, is roughly the size of a pencil eraser, according to Vuzix’s description. The company says the Vuzix MicroLED Smart Glasses will be available in a number of configurations, including Wi-Fi and optional LTE. All will feature stereo speakers and noise-canceling mics. No word on price, but Vuzix says they should hit the market this summer.

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