VK World stone V3s are $20 phones worth it

The china phone manufacturer VK World have an odd array of devices on offer to us consumers from the very basic flip phones up to low/mid range android devices

you may ask yourself why did i mention the word odd,well in this day and age it seems almost impossible that a new manufacturer would want to create devices which were produced in abundance 10 years ago and are almost what some would say ‘oblolete’ in this day and age in fact some people who may read this article may not even have seen a device like this in their lifetime let alone used one as a daily driver so it was an almost nostalgic feeling for me reviewing this device

so onto the device in question which is the ‘VK world stone v3s’ a device from another era back when phones were simply just that…’phones’……nothing more nothing less

the device should arrive to your door quite nicely packaged within a magnetically sealed box,inside the box you should have the phone a charging cable and a sim card adapter

to start lets look at the spec sheet this device it’s a relatively small device at 130-58-14mm so very similar in size to an iphone 5 just a little thicker and slightly taller,it comes in a small variety of colours orange,green,black & blue we have a 2.4 inch QCIF display at a resolution of 240*240 pixels the device is powered by a 2200mah battery which helps make their claim that it has an awesome 25 day standby time with 40hrs of music playback and 20hrs of calling time,we have a single rear camera at 0.3mp a spreadtrum 6531D CPU,32mb ram 32 mb rom,dual sim with only a 2g GSM 800,900/1800,1900 mhz network connection a 3.5mm headphone jack we also have bluetooth connectivity an FM radio the device settings also show that it has GPS but i personally couldn’t get a fix