Vivo Smart Ring Appeared In a Patent and Reveals Key Features

With the increasing application of human health monitoring, wearable health products for detecting various health indicators of the human body are gradually enriched. Among them, weight change has also become an important indicator of people’s attention. However, the traditional weight monitoring equipment is large in size and inconvenient to carry, which brings obstacles to the real-time weight monitoring of users.

In this regard, recently VIVO Mobile Communications Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of VIVO, published a patent for “weight detection method device and Smart Ring”, with the publication number CN112595402A.

According to the patent abstract of the company, this application discloses a “weight detection method device and Smart Ring”, belonging to the technical field of wearable devices. The method is applied to a finger ring, which includes an inner wall and an outer wall. The inner wall is provided with a pressure sensor.

The Vivo Smart Ring (Interim name) can be worn on any finger such as index finger, thumb, middle, and ring finger. After entering the identity information of the user, it can be saved, so that when the ring is used later, the user’s identity information can be directly obtained, so as to improve the efficiency of weight detection.

When the user uses the ring for the first time, he can enter the user’s identity information, such as male gender, 20-year-old age, 172cm height, and left middle finger.

The built-in motion sensor of Vivo Smart Ring can detect the pressure worn by the ring to obtain the corresponding relationship between the pressure and the weight, and then use a specific algorithm to monitor the user’s weight change in real-time, increasing the user’s attention to their own health.

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