Virgin Galactic has opened a sweepstakes offering a trip to space

Virgin Galactic’s spaceplane, the VSS Unity. | Image: Omaze

Virgin Galactic just successfully sent founder Richard Branson to the edge of space and back, and now the company is offering a chance for you to take the trip in the company’s spaceplane as well. After Sunday’s flight, Branson announced that Virgin Galactic had partnered with fundraising platform Omaze to open a sweepstakes that will send the winner and a friend on a spaceflight.

The winner will take a trip on the VSS Unity spaceplane, the same plane Branson traveled on. You’ll also get a tour of Spaceport America in New Mexico from Branson himself, “with my Willa Wonka hat on,” Branson said. (“And I promise lots of chocolate in the factory,” he joked.)

The sweepstakes is also a fundraiser for the nonprofit Space for Humanity, and the…

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