VintFun Game Swatter – Review

Ushering in the summer means one thing: mosquitoes are feeding even more and growing even faster. Being the smart insects they are, they will find ways to draw blood. This is likely to ruin your outdoor adventure. That means your BBQs and outdoor camping will not be as fun as it should be.

Fortunately, VintFun has developed a gadget that can solve this problem for you. It is called the VintFun Game Swatter, which allows you to kill those annoying mosquitoes and have fun while you are at it.

This product is the coolest mosquito swatter you have during summer. Here are a few reasons why. The Game Swatter has 13 different modes. That means it features up to 13 different sounds. If you do not want the loud mode, one silent mode allows you to swat mosquitoes without the gadget making killing sounds.

For a single charge, you get up to 30 days of mesquite swatting fun. Plus, it is designed in the shape of a sword, which makes it easy for you to swing it around. The product comes with a one-year warranty.

If you tend to encounter flies or mosquitoes around your yard but are not able to kill them all, the VintFun Game Swatter is what you need. Not only does it come with 13 different sounds like the game of first blood, it automatically makes a sound each time you score a hit. That adds some fun to your experience and brings the game feel to reality.

The different killing sounds that come with this device include

  • First blood,
  • Double kill,
  • Triple kill,
  • Ultra-kill rampage,
  • Killing spree,
  • Dominating,
  • Mega kill,

Other sounds include

  • Wicked sick,
  • Monster kill,
  • Godlike,
  • Holy shit

The product’s handle features an on and off switch, the status indicator LED and speaker. This device has 0.5-second cool down time before it delivers the next charge. The killing charge is provided by a 1200mah, 18650-class battery.

The mesh on the business end delivers the charge, kills mosquitoes, and flies on contact. The battery provides a whopping 3500 volts, which is more than enough to kills any insect that is exposed to the mess.

VintFun Game Swatter weights 0.55lbs and measures 42.5 by 17 by 3.4 cm. The material used to construct the Swatter is mainly plastic, while the killing mesh is made of Aluminum. The input voltage about 5 volts at 500 mahs through a micro-USB port. The manufacturer provides a 30-day risk-free guarantee. In case you do not have the experience promise, you can return it the product and receive your money back.

Nothing should come in the way of you enjoy activities outdoor. That includes mosquitoes and flies. If for whatever reason, you cannot seem to keep these annoying insects away from your immediate surrounding; VintFun can solve that problem for you.

You only need to swat them all and have fun, because this device is designed to ensure you have an interesting experience as you get rid of all the flies and mosquitoes.

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