UNIBOS 4 Port 90W QC4+ Super Charger – Review

unibos 4port charger

The Unibos Super Charger is yet another product from Unibos meant to offer you quick and efficient charging. This device is able to charge four devices at the same time. It features a core USB C port that supports Qualcomm fast-Charge 4 Plus and has a maximum output of 60W.  With this feature, you are not only able to re-charge your phone quickly, but you can also charge up demanding devices such as notebooks and tables easily.

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unibos 4port charger sideview

Unibos incorporated a fast-charging technology in this product that allows it to charge your notebook up 15 percent faster compared to the QC 4. Fortunately, even with its fast charging capabilities, it is able to keep temperatures lower by up 3  compared to its older version.

There are two more USB ports each with an 18W output. These ports feature a regular charge 3 technology. You can easily vary the output voltage from 9 to 12V. There is a fourth with a 5V 2.4A output that you can use to charge a regular phone.

Unibos 4-Port 90W QC4+ Super Charger also features overvoltage protection technology. This feature was incorporated to protect your devices from overcurrent, overcharging as well as protection from issues like overheating. The charger features all these functionalities to ensure your device protected as much as possible.

If you are considering the Unibos supercharger, here is what you need to know about its key characteristics. The designer incorporated a chip that helps you identify what device it is connected to so that it can work out what voltage to supply that device to ensure it charges safely.

There is a USB C PD/QC 4+ 60W port that supplies 5,9,12, 15 and 20V at 3A suitable for your mac device. This port is best suited for tablets, smartphones and modern notebooks. There are two Quick charge 3.0 USB ports that supply a maximum of 18W. These two ports feature backward compatibility technology and 2.0 output ranging from 3.6-6.5V@2A, 6.5-9V@2A to [email protected].

If you have one or two smartphones and would like to use the same charger to power them up, there is a charger port that supplies 2.4A (around 5V) with a power rating of 12W. Overall, the total output from the charger is about 90W while the other three USB ports total 30W.

The charger is no OS specific. That means you can charge an Android device as easily as you would power up an iOS device. The Unibos supercharger runs on 100-240V at 50 to 60 hertz and 2.5A. Its overall dimensions are 99 by 70 by 27 mm and weights 210g.

When you order this product, the package comes with a 4-USB port charger, a 1 m power cable that is detachable and a 30cm USB C cable, also removable.

If you have many devices, then you know how much clutter their charger create in your home. The Unibos supercharger offers you a smart way to charge your devices quickly and efficiently. Plus, your devices are protected from issues like overcharging, overheating and overcurrent!