The new Ulefone Tiger provides massive 4200mAh.

Ulefone have come a long way since the release of their first six devices back in 2013 move onto 2014 and we saw the release of another 6 devices and the start of their ‘be’ range namely the ‘Be one’ and ‘Be x’,another year passed and in 2015 they release no fewer than nine smart phones such as the ‘be pro’ & ‘be touch’ with that year culminating with the ulefone power.

Here we are in the third quarter of 2016 and they have again produced a large number of smart phones eight to be precise like the ulefone metal,vienna and future as well as the U007 pro,Be pure lite,Paris lite and U007. Their latest offering the ‘Ulefone tiger’ has some pretty decent specs on paper and at the time of writing this article is available at a discounted price in pre-sale from 18-29oct 2016 at $99.99 which makes it a very affordable mid to low range device for anybody seeking to upgrade from an older less powerful smartphone after this period the price will rise to $119.99.

So let’s talk specs, the Ulefone Tiger is offering you an impressive 4200mAh battery with a brushed metal body and removable back cover along with 2 SIM cards and 1 SD card  with expansion up to 128GB.  It features a 5.5 Inch HD Touchscreen Display, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, 2GB RAM, MTK6737 Quad Core 1.3GHz,  fingerprint scanner. The rear camera sensor has a Sony IMX219 8mp while the front is a Samsung SE5K2 with 5mp. We are seeing the introduction of one of mediateks new chipsets as the MTK6737 and whilst it doesn’t look like a big upgrade from the MTK6735 the new chipset promises some benefits like a 10-20% increase in performance,25% more efficient battery use and 52% improved battery efficiency whilst idle. It seems Ulefone had to cut corners somewhere and unfortunately the screen seemed to be just that component that had to be compromised, but what we lose in pixels we gain in battery efficiency. Personally i would have preferred a better screen as this battery saving is minimal.

Ever since Android 5.0 lollipop landed i strongly recommended looking for a smartphone with 2GB ram or more if your budget allowed but that depends on what kind of user you are,from my experience 2GB of ram is enough for a fast and smooth experience but with a healthy 3GB of ram this device should be able to handle most if not all of the 3D games available on the market and should make multitasking a breeze. Maybe we will see that happen in the future with a pro version as we have seen this from them in their past series of devices like with the be pro & be touch.
Ulefone make a claim that they are one of the biggest manufacturers of high-quality mobile devices and accessories in china on their official web page and this is either a bold claim or a bald faced lie. I would go with the latter as they are nowhere near competing against the likes of chinese manufacturing giants huawei, oppo, lenovo, oneplus and other more established international manufacturers like apple and samsung.

Let us talk here about the companies reputation as they have previously been caught advertising the wrong specs on devices they have sold most notably the ‘be pro’ scandle in 2015 in this case they advertised the device with a sony 13mp rear camera when in fact it had an omnivision 8mp rear camera interpolated to 13mp, once the company became aware consumers knew of this ‘so called’ indiscretion they were quick to apologize on their social network pages, the apology itself is something most if not all chinese based companies rarely give to their consumers but i myself find this misplaced advertising info very suspect as this type of information is something even the lowest marketing employee/excecutive would spot and correct before publishing any spec list. They are not the first company to do this and surely will not be the last either, as this is a common tactic from mid-range china smartphone manufacturer.

Below you can watch the official video introduction of the device.