Ulefone Future Challenges Big Brands in Craftsmanship and Display

Ulefone Future boasts metal unibody and bezel-less display while Ulefone believe its craftsmanship is comparable to brand names like iPhone 6s Plus, Vivo Xplay5s, and even better than Xiaomi Max.

Ulefone Future’s body has been a whole piece got from ingot by CNC cutting machine and the openings of for antenna are covered with plastic lines approached by nano injection. Both iPhone 6s Plus and Vivo Xplay5s have adopted the same techniques. As for Xiaomi Max, the upper and lower parts of the cover are actually plastic and separated from the trunk by a quite prominent gap.

One thing good about the bezel-less display is that it has indeed made the 5.5-inch Ulefone Future look much smaller than iPhone 6s Plus with the same display size of 5.5-inch. In the meantime, the VIVO phone’s curved display from Samsung has also reduced the body size.


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