So the Ulefone Be Pro has just arrived after 2 weeks.

Purchased from “GearBest”

First impressions –

The screen seems very sticky, this could be a simple case of removing the protector left some residue, but I have personally never had this on a new phone.

The screen also feels quite cheap, pressing around the screen you notice “Ghost Touches” press bottom left, and an odd pattern appears in the middle or Right of screen, normally a sign of an inferior screen

Phone has came with a few Chinese apps, not a problem generally, but still annoying.

Side buttons feel cheap, look nice in a brushed aluminium style, but they do rattle about more then I would like.

The Sandstone back cover feels great (GearBest actually included One after I ask for it, so worth asking them if your considering One of these phones) and also a couple of screen protectors.

Feels very similar to the OnePlus One if I’m honest, which is a good thing, and the Colours are nice and vivid, Its almost as though this is slightly thinner then the OnePlus One too?

Has an “Sview” setting for the cover which is cool if its works, but so far have not found any Sview covers for this device online? and has “HotKnot” which I assume is the Ulefone version of NFC and will be interesting to test on NFC devices to see if the 2 are compatible.

Within 5 minutes I started getting UI has stopped working errors which is concerning, but I am used to this on Ulefone devices, must be a glitch at their end?

Wifi is great, as is the 4G signal with both having a very strong signal.

AnTuTu video test was very shakey! out of the box reading is = 32223 (non verified for some reason)

Thats about all I have managed to test so far, but overall a good device for the £100.00 I paid

(Considering I paid the same for an S5 Clone which died within 6 Months)

Look out for a video review from the Mighty ITXtutor coming soon!!