Tronsmart T4

Design & Built Quality

The idea behind this product was to create a compact speaker that produced big sound with a good amount of bass and overall it feels solid and well built.

Body is made of metal and is really sturdy , enclosure is covered whit a very hard plastic enclosure and with a non-slip strip on the underside. Sticky backing on the bottom keeps it firmly in place on the table.
The included carabiner and hook might make this a nice portable.The idea of ​​the carabiner is rather nice but given the solidity is sufficint.

There are only 3 buttons.An on-off button and two buttons for the volume which also serve to advance the songs depending on whether you are making a long or short press.

Sound & Features

To connect it to bluetooth, whenever it is switched on, it is immediately detectable and connected in 3 seconds. Bluetooth version 4.2. works great and there were no sudden disconnects and signal is extremely strong.

The Tronsmart T4 is a great mini speaker, offering thundering bass , lifelike mids you just wouldn’t expect from a small portable speaker.
The max volume is quite high and large enough for a large room or even a large deck.
Even to the maximum, I did not hear any distortion in the sound.But the most amazing is the presence of deep bass. we speak well of a mini enclosure obviously, but it is really far from being ridiculous.
You can also play music on a micro SD card the standard formats(APE, FLAC, MP3, WMA, and WAV) are all recognized which is nice if you do not have a phone or a computer beside it.

The fact that it is waterproof is also nice and you can take it anywhere and under any weather without fear.
Battery-Life is around 6 hours is good but it depends to volume level.


The build quality is good and amazing at the sound performance for its size.
Overall this is a great product and I would highly recommend it!
More Information

Package Included:

Bluetooth speaker 1pc
USB cable 1pc
Hook 1pc
User manual 1pc
Warranty Card 1pc