Top Wearable Technology Trends in 2021

Wearable technology is continuously evolving. Fascinating innovations have turned this into one of the biggest industries in the world. With the ongoing global pandemic, demand for contact tracing and remote monitoring wearables rose. Another driving force behind the growth of wearables is the 5G rollout, which will enable many data to be delivered through wearable devices.

Google’s acquisition of Fitbit was big news. Experts believe this will result in new watches and wristbands during 2021, reports Bernard Marr in Forbes.

Here are some of the biggest trends in wearable technology in 2021.

Wearables in healthcare

Wearables will continue to be a huge contributor in the healthcare industry. Many smartwatches now have ECG monitors, blood oxygen (SpO2) sensors, which help us keep track of our health and make suggestions about how we might improve our health.

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To help people stay safe from COVID-19, Fitbit and Huami both added built-in thermometers in their watches that can track the rise of body temperature that often accompanies viral infections.


5G unlocking new possibilities

5G enables data transfer in super high-speed. Faster speed means more data, and access to more rich and diverse data from wearables and smartphones. As 5G offers up to 100 times faster speed than previous methods, it will create completely new types and experiences.

The convenience of Augmented Reality

As wearables are becoming smaller and more effective, their prices and dropping as well. There’s a range of products on the market now in most wearable categories to cater to all budgets. Head-mounted wearables like smart glasses and AR/VR headsets will become more affordable with their price cuts and thus become prevalent in 2021.

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Smart clothes and Smart shoes

Collaboration between fashion and tech brands is making smart clothes more fashionable. As a result, we may see increased adoption of smart clothing among mainstream consumers in 2021. Then there are smart clothes that can track heart rate and posture, helping the wearer to become a better athlete. For example, Nadi X yoga pants can track and give feedback on the wearer’s posture, and Neviano connected swimsuits can detect the strength of ultraviolet light they are exposed to and can alert the user via a smartphone app.

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