The best BASEUS Products for everyday use

Baseus A2 car vacuum cleaner

Baseus is a chinese company that has been in the technology market since 2011. The company has made its name through its extensive collection of smartphone spares, accessories for cars and  home deco. Baseus product ranges are really versatile and suit a variety of different users. Because of its universal reach and wide variety 

The products we have listed have been tried and tested by our team. Therefore we have a strong backing on why we recommend these to our readers.


The Baseus A2 Car Vacuum Cleaner

Baseus A2 Vacuum cleaner

The Baseus A2 portable Car Vacuum Cleaner is actually a mini handheld vacuum cleaner. This miniature device is compact. Which allows users to conveniently use it to clean the interior of their vehicles with ease. The portable car vacuum cleaner is so small that you can keep it in your cup holder if you wish to. 


Remember when you had that chips packet and drop it accidentally? Maybe that time you had some cake inside and dropped the crumbs everywhere. You can use the Baseus A2 portable Car Vacuum Cleaner to easily clean every little nook and cranny in your vehicle. As it is really compact it is not difficult to move about at all!


Product Specifications


  • Usage Time : 18 minutes
  • Charge Time: 3 hours
  • Interface : USB C
  • Capacity: 60ml waste storage
  • Wireless
  • Filter : HEPA


Our verdict


The miniature vacuum cleaner does its job pretty well. The main concern we had was the suction power, but we found it to be quite adequate. The device has a blow function if needed. It is very quiet during use and does a neat job of preventing dust from flying around. We did find its charge time to be a bit too much but its nothing over the top. It is not like you would be using this all day like a smartphone. With a single charge we were able to comfortably carry out our cleaning tasks. The battery is enough to clean at least 3 or 4 small spills. It is available in Black, White and Green. Although we recommend the Black, something about its sleek design looks better in black.


5.0 out of 5.0 stars




Are you tired of slow charging power banks and portable chargers? The Baseus Gan Mini Quick Charger is here to solve all your problems. It is capable of giving the maximum power output that is required by many devices to fast charge. Infact, it is so quick a 15.4” MacBook takes only 2 hours to fully charge. Insane isn’t it?


How does it do it?

Simple! The Baseus Gan Mini Quick Charger has the ability to provide a high power output. It has an unbelievable record of 120W through a USB C. Most portable chargers cannot even provide 100W. But the Baseus Gan Mini can charge up to 2 devices simultaneously. Two laptops, Two USB-C Tablets or a Smartphone and another complimentary device. It is a great portable charger for Samsung devices.


This product literally screams “travel without limitations”.


Product specifications


  • Top of the line GaN Technology
  • Fast Charging
  • Charge protection
  • Low issues with compatibility 
  • Multiple ports for charging 


Our verdict

We were impressed by its charging speed. Because of its GaN technology, its charging is super fast. Which means you can actually get those crazy charging numbers advertised by your smartphone company wherever you go! It is a great portable charger for Samsung.

The charge protection is really useful. This means there is no chance of your products ever getting blown out to a surge in current. Safety first!

And it is really cheap when you compare it with other portable charger for Samsung.


5.0 out of 5.0 stars




Ever had a tablet and had issues connecting it to the huge display at your office or home? You’d have died to have this device at that moment. The hub converter allows you to connect your ipad pro to any display with ease. The Baseus Bend Angle NO.7 Multifunctional USB type C hub Converter is specially designed for the ipad Pro. 


The USB type C hub converter has a specialty! The device has six interfaces of connectivity. Therefore it is compatible with a large number of devices at the same time. Not to mention simultaneous support to 4K HD screens.


Product specifications 

  • Build: Alloy(Aluminum) + TPE
  • Tech: CNC
  • Supports memory chips( Micro SD and SD) upto 2 terabytes 
  • Supports 3.5mm audio 
  • HDMI support


Our Verdict 


The USB type C hub is definitely a product for everyone to have. Especially if you are an iPad Pro user. I mean it allows us to connect devices with different interfaces with ease. Therefore opening possibilities that were not there before. Why bother carrying around a laptop when you can just take your ipad Pro and this converting hub. Makes presentations easy. Its price is extremely generous and stands well below its other competitors which is another big plus.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars


Therefore this sums up our list of the latest products by Baseus. Hope you enjoyed the read and stay tuned for updates about the latest products by the biggest tech companies on this side of the world.