Today I learned they make delightfully retro cassette tape power banks

That’s not a cassette tape! | Image: Remax

As a ‘90s kid who dreamed of being an ‘80s adult, this immediately commanded my attention: you can now charge your phone with a cassette tape.

Shenzhen accessories manufacturer Remax has apparently been on it for over a year, debuting “10,000mAh” batteries that look like classic cassettes. Depending on the color — yellow, red, or the new green 2023 model — you can charge them up with USB-C, micro-USB, or even an Apple Lightning cable, then output up to 22.5W over USB-A or USB-C to fast-charge a phone.

The $20-$40 batteries aren’t quite as nifty as I originally imagined. While they do awesomely come with their own transparent cassette tape cases, they’re definitely larger than a classic cassette, and there’s no spinning…

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