To save costs, the 128GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S24 phone will use UFS 3.1 flash memory

Igeekphone on December 27 news, according to South Korean whistlemaker yeux1122 learned from a parts manufacturer that in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 series, 128GB version models will use UFS 3.1 flash memory, while other versions will be equipped with more advanced UFS 4.0 flash memory.

Analysts believe that this is a decision made by Samsung to control costs, and it is also reported that Samsung is trying to avoid raising the price of the Galaxy S24 series due to the price hike of components.

According to Igeekphone, the speed of UFS 4.0 is significantly improved compared to UFS 3.1, the sequential read speed is twice as fast, the sequential write speed is more than twice as fast, and the power consumption is also reduced by 46%. This means faster app and game loading for users, faster file saving, and more efficient running of memory-intensive applications.

Currently, a number of flagship models, including the OnePlus 11, have UFS 4.0 flash, but there are also models like the Pixel 8 that still use UFS 3.1. While UFS 3.1 is not out of date in terms of current usage, and most users will struggle to feel the actual difference between the two, UFS 4.0 is clearly the more forward-looking choice in the long run.

In addition to storage, the standard Galaxy S24 will come with 8GB of RAM, while the Plus and Ultra versions will have 12GB of RAM. However, it is highly unlikely that the standard version will also be available in some regions with 12GB of RAM.

All questions will be answered on January 17, when Samsung will hold a launch event for the new Galaxy S24 series.

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