Time, money, and the new vaccination push

Florida Vaccination Effort Aims To Vaccinate Migrant Workers
A woman at a vaccination site in Florida. The site in Immokalee, FL was set up to reach seasonal farmworkers, and other people who might not have as much access to traditional vaccination efforts. | Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In the US, COVID-19 vaccines are free, but it turns out that money is still a big barrier to vaccination.

See, even though the vaccines don’t cost a thing, it still takes time to go and get a shot and potentially recover from any side effects. For working adults, that may mean taking time off work — and that isn’t something that everyone can afford to do.

Black and Hispanic people are particularly concerned about the tradeoff between missing work and getting the vaccine, according to new results from research published by the Kaiser Family Foundation this week. People in both demographics are more likely than their white counterparts to work lower-paying jobs, which may not offer as much paid leave for things like illness.


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