These Steam Deck custom resin buttons look phenomenal — and they’re for sale

Custom resin holographic Steam Deck buttons.
GIF by DeckButtons

Would you spend $40–$60 on artisan buttons for your Steam Deck? What if they were cast by hand from custom resin molds, made by just one guy in the USA?

I imagine it would depend on how they look — but thankfully, they look amazing.

GIF by DeckButtons

Such shimmer.

Today, Greg Leddy is following up his TouchProtect touchpad and button skins and custom-painted ColoredControllers with the new, a shop where he exclusively sells buttons and D-pads for your Steam Deck. Each one is cast in a custom two-part silicone mold of his own design, itself created from a master button he 3D prints from resin, hand-sands, and finishes to emulate the Steam Deck’s own slightly sandy shell texture.

Leddy sent me…

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