There’s no wrong way to load this dishwasher

A top-down shot of dishes loaded into a dishwasher, with an overlay dividing them into quadrants. The quadrants are all labeled “normal,” except the bottom right, which is labeled “heavy.”
Bosch’s PowerControl spray arm gives you control over where you want it to clean the hardest. | Image: Bosch

Bosch is claiming its new 800 and Benchmark Series dishwashers could finally lay to rest the debate over the right way to load the dishwasher.

The new thing is a PowerControl spray arm that can find the dirtiest dishes wherever you put them (as long as that place is on the bottom rack):

The PowerControl™ spray arm provides a targeted intensive wash from anywhere in the bottom rack – no matter where the dishes are loaded.

Basically, you can target specific quadrants of the lower rack for extra attention. According to the manual for one of the new dishwashers, it looks like you’ll need the Bosch Home Connect app to actually set those quadrants; otherwise, your options are to split more intensive cleaning between the front and back half….

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