The tech trends we saw kick off at CES 2021

Razer Project Hazel
Image: Razer

Another CES is in the books. Going all-virtual meant that it was a smaller show than usual — and since it was already a show that’s been on the decline in terms of influence for a few years now, we could feel it. Still: there were some big stories to follow and things to learn about what’s coming up in consumer tech.

That’s the thing about CES: most of the time the best technology shown off here is conceptual, wildly expensive, a long way off in the future, or all of the above. We’re interested in it not because we expect to find it in a store next week, but because it informs the things we’ll find in stores over the course of the next two years. Also, we’re interested in it because gigantic screens are dope, especially when they bend.


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