The SECRET HUAWEI Comeback Plan after TRUMPS BAN !

So we all know what happened to huawei, but today in this video we are focusing on Huawei’s possible strategy to get out of this situation. Huawei is No stranger to US government, Huawei has proven that it doesn’t need US carriers in order to grow its business. Huawei is the world’s largest supplier of networking equipment and the second-largest phone brand. The tech giant has reportedly been working on its own operating system as an alternative to Android software (and its own Huawei app store) in case
relations with US companies went south. And this is what happenend now. But Huawei has 2 Comeback or Backup plans from this point off view. One for short term and one for longterm.

The short term plan

The short term plan has already been running in the back. Huawei has stockpiled alot of supply for the current and upcoming smartphones. So the production of the p30 series is still running at full capacity. And guys i can tell you, its crazy, there is a brand new Huawei p30 leaving the assembly line every few seconds. Now ARM stopped the deals with Huawei recently, but Huawei also worked on their own semiconductor design solution to prepare for this eventuallity, but right now there is no detailed info on this. I even thought about a possible worst case solution that Mediatek chipsets could be a solution. MediaTek is a fabless semiconductor company based in taiwan creating ARM based system on chips. Im not sure if arm would allow them to sell to huawei but its a possibility to think about.

The only really problematic thing is the future of Huawei Laptops as they will maybe not cooperate with Intel in the future, but thats also not sure yet. Anyway I have been on alot of events and there are other solutions to intel or AMD,like qualcomm who is offering mobile chipsets which even outperform some intel chipset like the 8cx, but they are also based in the US.  This proves that these modified mobile chipsets can actually compete with intel. So Huawei could maybe even bring their own chips to their tablet and ultrabook segment. Nobody knows what they keep behind closed doors, And i really hope that they find a solution for their laptops, as I really love the matebook x pro.

What about the Software ?

So the hardware part is saved for this generation but the next gen remains a bit unclear. However, the software part looks really safe for the models now. Huawei said today that the P30 pro will receive all the security updates and services. That means, users now dont need to fear that there devices will get outdated and unsafe. There have been rumours that huawei just needs to finish the android license for the models and then the new mate X and the maybe even the new mate series could be safe aswell. So basically everything they finish in the 90 days of the grace period, Huawei will be able to deliver security and
maybe even feature updates as they just need to finish the deals with google within this period. So If they manage to finish the new mate series and maybe even the new p-series that is for  sure already in the making, then the next 2 flagships from Huawei are safed.
So I guess Huawei will right now work unstoppable on finishing as much as they can in this grace period. But this is still just a rumour and will probably be discussed in the next
days, so ill keep you updated in the comments on it.

The Longterm Plan

The longterm plan will look different. Huawei has been working on the so called Hongmeng OS for ages and its called Projet Z. This OS which will run on mobile phones, computers, tablets, TVs, cars, and other devices – should be compatible with Android apps. Well Huawei is working on their ecosystem for a long time and wanted to also release TV’s this year. But Google is just too popular in Europe. In china its not a big deal, but in europe a phone without google could be a dealbreaker. Atleast until its spreaded around the community and they do proper marketing. This system is designed to support Android apps without linking to Google. Apparently Huawei is looking now for providers for an alternative App Store. Hot candidate, according to Portuguese and Chinese media considered as safe: Aptoide, the alternative App Store from Portugal. Aptoide tells you something? Right, at the end of 2018, a restraining order was issued against Google, because the Google Play Protect removed the store of the competitor. The Portuguese competitor store was founded in 2011 and runs what it claims to be the three largest Android app stores in the world with around 250 million users.

So all in all it will be very interesting about Huaweis new OS. Microsoft has right now not stated anything about windows, because as you know, they are also an US based company.
These whole drama makes it really hard to make business with the US and further more, trust the US as reliable partner. I can only recommend to watch this interview of rhen zhengfei wo is Huaweis founder and he has a message that is breathtaking.

Trumps Real Face

Also during an interview Trump showed its real face and basically underlined what i have said in the previous videos: “You look at what they’ve done from a security standpoint, from a military standpoint, it’s very dangerous,” Trump said in remarks at the White House.
“If we made a deal, I could imagine Huawei being possibly included in some form or some part of it,” he added. So if they would be such a big security and militarty threat, why would he let them back in ? Well it seems to be all about money. and thats sad…


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