The PS5’s actual silicon processor is revealed in these first gorgeous photos

Photo by Fritzchens Fritz / Flickr

While the world continues to wait for a chance to buy the PlayStation 5, we’re continuing to put Sony’s next-gen console under the microscope — literally, when we showed you the 40,000 tiny PlayStation symbols hidden in each gamepad, and now somewhat figuratively with what we believe are the first up-close pictures of the PS5’s actual silicon from photographer Fritzchens Fritz (via VideoCardz).

Above, you can see one of Fritz’s gorgeous close-ups of the liquid metal interface Sony uses to keep the PS5’s temperatures in check. Below, find a stunning monochrome portrait of it framed against the motherboard:

Photo by Fritzchens Fritz / Flickr

Let’s turn it upright, shall we? Here’s a high-res version you might be able…

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