The new Asus Fanless Chromebox could easily be mistaken for a wireless router

Image: Asus

Asus has announced a new fanless addition to its family of Chromeboxes: the Asus Fanless Chromebox. Like Asus’ previous models, the Fanless Chromebox’s compact size is designed to be mounted to the back of a display or desk to save space in size-conscious work environments. Perhaps unintentionally, it also looks almost exactly like a wireless router.

The Asus Fanless Chromebox dimensions come out to about 8.15 x 5.82 x 1.26 inches, which gives its aluminum chassis a small, rectangular shape. But the real wireless router aesthetic comes from the ridged design on the top of the box and the two adjustable antennas on the back.

Image: Asus

The Asus Fanless Chromebox piggybacking on the back of a display.


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