Apple’s second-generation AirPods are finally here. Ending the much-awaited anticipation of the users, Apple has released the newest addition to its improved concept of earphones. While Apple’s accessories always face a fresh wave of expectation from its fans, this year’s introduction hasn’t pleased the fans. There were rumors regarding different color options, probable design changes and the pick of them all, a biometric identification feature. Sadly, the new product defied all the suggestions.


For the existing AirPod users, the biggest disappointment is the design. There has been no improvement in the design since the first edition. There were rumors that AirPod 2.0 would come in several colors including the in-demand black color like the old iPod Nano or the current iPhone XR. The rumors also told that the new buds might have a new soft-touch coating with a subtle grip to it which would help the AirPods 2 stay in people’s ears more securely.

Sadly, we got neither of those design updates.



In the past years, Apple has always boasted and claimed the improvements they make in comparison to the previous products. Since Apple didn’t mention it its press release, it’s presumable that there is no boost to the sound quality. Although Apple did introduce the long-awaited feature of wireless charging, the hefty add-on price is hardly making it a noticeable improvement for existing AirPod owners.

The much-awaited and previously announced AirPods wireless charging case is finally available, making the iPods able to be charged on a Qi-compatible charging mat. Though its inclusion with the base model of the new AirPods is a no-no, which means you’ll have to spend another $40 to get a wireless charger for you $159 AirPods 2.

The real advancement is on the inside. The addition of Apple’s new H1 chip has introduced a “custom audio architecture to create a revolutionary audio experience and improved synchronization.” This new chip can establish connections twice-as-fast between all the Apple devices and provides an improved 50 percent more talk time. Talk-time has increased by one hour as compared to the first-generation AirPods. The battery life remains the same, with 5-hour of music playback. Though a 15-minute charge could provide you a 3-hour music playback and 2-hour talk time, the instant charging boost might fill up for battery life concerns. According to Apple, the H1 chip also facilitates the AirPods with the highly expected feature of always-on voice recognition. Gone are the days when you had to double tap your AirPod for Siri activation. With the AirPods 2, a simple “Hey Siri” will get your favorite voice-assistant up and running.

Existing Owners

In the bigger picture, the current AirPods’ owners aren’t losing much with the upgrade. The fresh AirPods might seem appealing to a new buyer, but an existing user could live without the upgrade for now.

Significant Upgrades: Fans’ delight

Of course, Apple didn’t need to bring ground-breaking upgrades to the second edition because according to their officials, they are still the world’s most popular headphones. Even then, the users wouldn’t mind seeing significant upgrades in the next AirPods model.