The LTE-enabled Apple Watch Series 8 is nearly half off

A person wearing the Apple Watch Series 8 on their wrist.
The Apple Watch Series 8 offers similar health and fitness features to its successor. | Image: Apple

We’re officially one month away from spring. For a lot of us, that means the weather will finally be nice enough that we can exercise outside. If you want to continue to keep a close on eye on fitness and health metrics while away from indoor gym equipment, right now Walmart is selling the LTE-enabled Apple Watch Series 8 for $299.99 ($200 off) in select colors with a small / medium-sized band.

Apple’s last-gen flagship wearable isn’t dramatically different from the newer Apple Watch Series 9. You’ll miss out on the Series 9’s double-tap feature and on-device Siri. However, you’ll still be able to take advantage of many of the same health features, including EKGs, menstrual cycle tracking, irregular heartbeat alerts, fall detection, and…

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