The Hyundai Staria is the coolest-looking minivan in years

Images: Hyundai

Minivans are pretty much dead in the US, but Hyundai’s new Staria looks so slick that it makes me believe there could be a revival some day soon.

Revealed in teaser images on Thursday, the Staria is easily the coolest-looking minivan since the spaceship-styled ones that prevailed in the 1980s. In fact, Hyundai describes the Staria’s exterior as “strikingly futuristic and mysterious … resembling a spaceship” in the press release, so maybe this is just my personal preference for this style showing. But whether or not you like it, the Staria is certainly one of the most mold-breaking vans that we’ve seen in a long time — especially considering that modern minivans have basically mutated into really large SUVs.

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