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The First Full-Screen AMOLED Smartband

The brand new, full-screen Mi Band 6 is here. Also to Xiaomi 11 Pro and 11 Ultra, at tonight’s spring new product launch event, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 was officially released, supporting a long battery life of 14 days and a water resistance of 50 meters.

On the screen, the Mi Band 6 adopts special-shaped cutting technology on the bracelet for the first time. It is equipped with a 1.56-inch AMOLED full track screen, which increases the display area by 50%. 326 PPI reaches the retina level. The display effect is clear and delicate, and it supports dynamic colour. Show.

The new runway screen carries more comprehensive information. The default dial can directly display the date and time, weather, heart rate, steps, vitality index, calorie consumption, power and other information. You can learn key information by raising your wrist.

The setting interface can display two functions at the same time, which doubles the user’s interaction efficiency. The track screen design cancels the original physical touch buttons and introduces a new gesture operation.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 has a new blood oxygen saturation monitoring function, which can also be turned on at night to continuously measure and assist sleep monitoring. According to the changes in heart rate and blood oxygen during sleep, it can judge the breathing quality during sleep and provide health reports.

The Mi Band 6 has a built-in high-performance PPG biosensor, which reduces the interference of irregular movements. It can be calculated according to the change law of heart rate variability and breathing information during sleep, and provide analysis reports. In addition, the sporadic nap mode has also been upgraded, with a minimum of 20 minutes of monitoring.

Heart rate monitor, the small rice bracelet 6 new abnormal heartbeats remind measure heart rate assessing cardiac status ring by hand for 24 hours, suggesting abnormal heartbeat.

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In addition, Mi Band 6 also provides health monitoring functions such as women’s health, stress state assessment, breathing training guidance, and a multi-dimensional health assessment system to assist users in improving their health.

The Mi Band 6 has a built-in six-axis sensor, supports 50 meters of water resistance, and can accurately record the user’s exercise data in multiple scenarios. This time, there are six sports modes that support automatic identification. Outdoor running, treadmill, walking, outdoor cycling, elliptical machine, rowing machine, users do not need to click additional sports mode before exercising, and can also record exercise data.

In addition to supporting automatic recognition of sports modes, Mi Band 6 has added 19 new sports modes, supporting a total of 30 different sports.

Mi Band 6 supports three custom dial styles by default and supports up to six custom modules. Users can monitor specific data according to their own needs. The dial mall can provide more than 130 online themed dials.

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In terms of wristbands, Mi Band 6 has 8 colour wristbands to choose from, including graphite black, thermal orange, lotus root powder, green pine green, sunny yellow, ivory white, rose-purple, and sky blue, including 4 new colours.

The old wristband of the Mi Band 5 can also be perfectly adapted to the Mi Band 6. Old users do not need to purchase a new wristband when changing to a new one.

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The standard version of the Mi Band 6 is priced at 229 yuan, and the NFC version is priced at 279 yuan; the pre-sale of the deposit will be opened on March 29, 2021, the final payment will be paid at 0:00 on April 2, and the new product will be sold at 10:00 on April 2.

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