The creator economy is running into the Apple Tax — this startup is fighting back

The name “Fanhouse” on a tie-dye background. The H is shaped like a house.
The logo for Fanhouse, a platform that lets creators charge for access to a private social feed. | Image: Fanhouse

Apple is clashing with the platform Fanhouse over whether it gets to take a cut of in-app payments to creators. The incident underscores just how little Apple understands about the creator economy, with the likely outcome being less money in creators’ pockets — and more money for one of the world’s most profitable corporations.

Founders of Fanhouse — which is basically OnlyFans without the nudity — say the platform will be kicked out of the App Store in August if it doesn’t start forking over 30 percent of the fees people pay creators when purchases are made through the iPhone app. One of Fanhouse’s creators, the streamer Breadwitchery, says that cut would mean losing two months of rent from her earnings to date. The company doesn’t have…

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