The best fitness trackers on Amazon- 2021 Buying guide

best budget fitness trackers

How fit are you right now? How fit do you wish to be? Most of us are currently spending our time stuck at home with the Covid outbreak. Shouldn’t we be mindful of our health specially now? We are here to help you out on this matter by presenting various options to discover fitness trackers on amazon, the best budget fitness trackers, and fitness trackers for women specifically as well.

How to Choose the Best Fitness Tracker?

Your Budget

How much you can afford for your fitness tracker is usually what we all keep an eye on first. Based on the features you prefer; you might find your fitness tracker unexpectedly below your budget or it may even be a tad higher than your budget.

So, this is a very important element to consider when you scroll through the fitness trackers on amazon. Of course, you must be careful enough to not be drawn to the extremely cheap ones as the quality will let you down.

Your Style

Well indeed looks matter in this context. Not only would you want the best budget fitness trackers, you would also want it to look an cater to your style. Do you want to buy a fitness tracker that looks old-school and neatly conventional or do you want one which you could wear like a wrist watch?

These trackers come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Fitness trackers for women too come in different fashions and styles.

When considering the style, you also need to know whether you are mostly comfortable with a conventional watch-style strap band with a buckle or a buttoned-up strap. We would recommend the former one if you choose to work out at the gyms.


The Wristband features

We all want whatever fitness tracker we buy to rest comfortably on our hands. This is no issue if you have an average sized wrist. You would simply be happy with the default tracker. However, if your wrists are slim or slightly larger, this is a feature you need to be aware of before purchasing your ideal fitness trackers on amazon.

Most brands offer modifiable wrist bands so that you could simply adjust the tracker if you need to. Otherwise brands such as Fitbit usually provide fitness trackers of all sorts of sizes starting from small to large.


Functional Features

What’s important to note here is that you should decide on what internal features you need, depending on your purpose for the fitness tracker. If you simply want it to track your footstep count as you take a walk through the park, then you wouldn’t really want GPS or a heart rate monitor.

But if you are planning on doing extensive exercises or working out through outdoor sports such as swimming, then you will most definitely find such features useful. Or ladies, if you want to go out for a heated-up session of tennis you may search for these specific features under fitness trackers for women.

You also should look into if the fitness tracker caters to whatever sport you do. For example, if you intend on wearing the tracker while doing your swim laps you should purchase a tracker with waterproof facilities.

App Integration

Your fitness tracker will most probably work hand in hand with their respective apps. So, it is vital that you look into the user-friendliness of such apps as well when purchasing the appropriate fitness tracker for you.

For instance: if we take the Fitbit app of the Fitbit tracker, it offers various facilities including a customized menstrual cycle tracker which promotes fitness trackers for women

Few of the top 3 health and fitness apps include Calm, MyFitnessPal and Headspace.


Fundamental Technology

Firstly, the Optical Sensors senses the rate at which your blood is pumping throughout the exercise in order to let you know of your present heart rate. It does so by flashing a light at your capillaries.

Secondly the GPS receives understanding of your exact location with the aid of satellites. This process in turn helps you to identify your distance and terrain that you have run.

Thirdly the 3-axis accelerometer coordinates your every movement in any direction whatsoever and let’s you track your footsteps.

Fourthly the Actigraphy feature might come in very handy to restless sleepers as it helps you track your activity throughout your sleep and any amount of “tossing and turning” will be recorded for your benefit.

Fifthly the gyroscope traces your spins and positioning. And lastly, the altimeter keeps track of your altitude whenever you climb up, whether it be a staircase, ladder or even a slanted mountain range.

The efficiency and precision of these internal features cannot be a 100% guarantee however. In a high budget fitness tracker, you may find the accuracy sharper while a low budget one may not be as good. So, make sure you buy the best budget fitness trackers to your affordability.


Our Product Choices

Fitbit Versa 3


Main Features

  • Weight is 40g
  • OS is FitbitOS
  • Display Size is 40mm (336×336 AMOLED)
  • Colours available – Black & Soft Gold

The Fitbit Versa 3 fitness tracker is a practically a level-up version of the Versa 2 version and is identified as one of the best Android smart bands.

This tracker is highly commendable as it has an improved SpO2 monitor and an advanced heart monitor. How easy would it be if you don’t have to run the risk of carrying your phone with you every time you go out for a jog? Well this version offers just that as it includes a built-in GPS system and its own personalized FitBit payment system for virtual payments. It also possesses a brand-new Active Zone Minutes Feature.

Needless to say, this little device is water resistant, contains replaceable bands and offers virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa and the google assistant. Automatic workout tracking and sleep tracking too are included. The battery life also lasts for yes you heard it…over 6 days!

Even if you’re completely new to fitness training and don’t know where to start, this tracker watch allows on-screen workouts that you can workout with. The Appstore also contains apps such as Spotify and the best thing about this is that it has a storage capacity of over 300 songs. Isn’t that quite the enough motivation to run miles?

This is simply put, one of the best budget Fitness Trackers that Amazon offers.

The only downside to all this glory is the lack of functioning of any old bands that you may have bought earlier for Versa lite, Versa and Versa 2.

Smooth & compelling designOld bands of previous versions may fail
Outstanding battery lifeLimited App Availability
Worthy smartwatch features
Built in GPS and virtual Assistants


We give this wearable a 4 out of 5

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Xiaomi Mi Band 5


Main Features

  • Weight is 11.9g
  • Display size is 1.1inch (AMOLED)
  • OS is Xiaomi
  • Colours available- Black, Teal, Yellow, Mint-Green, Orange, Navy Blue

This product is very cost-efficient and is an undeniable improvement of its previous version. How exactly is it better? It contains a 20% bigger display screen area which would be very useful for people who prefer larger letters rather than squinting at the screen. Its abilities are also quite the pro factor when compared with its inexpensive quality.

This tracker, being one of the most affordable fitness trackers on amazon also maintains a 14+ days battery life and can even last longer if you have the battery saver mode switched on. This tracker functions for many options of sports such as swimming, running, cycling, yoga and treadmill running.

This device also maintains its position one of the well-functioning fitness trackers for women as it particularly keeps track of the female health. Although it may lack features like GPS system, it definitely does make up for that.

Heart rate monitoring & Tracking female HealthNo NFC payments
14-day battery life can extend to 20Unavailability of GPS
Cost-effectiveNo automatic tracking
11 available sport modes


For this fitness tracker we give a rating of 4 out 5.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Garmin Vivosmart 4

fitness trackers on amazon

Main Features

  • Weight is 17g
  • Display size is 70 inches (OLED)
  • OS is Garmin
  • Colours Available- Black, Azure Blue, Gray, Berry

The Garmin Vivosmart 4 is pretty much the premium expert fitness tracker. It tracks your varieties of exercises, your footsteps, your sleep, your heart-rate and calories burned.

The word “Fitness” is completely taken seriously in these fitness trackers on Amazon as it is an expert at its health track job. When you’re having a horribly stressful day, you can rely on this wrist pal as it accompanies a relaxation breathing timer. You will also sleep more soundly knowing that you have a REM advanced sleep tracker right with you.

Nope, the pros do not end there. This mini device can scale blood oxygen saturation levels at night time by its Pulse Ox Sensor. Wouldn’t you love a way to manage your daily physical activities so that you don’t tire yourself out with too much work? With the Garmin Vivosmart 4 “Body Battery” monitor you can plan out your schedule easily as it tracks down your energy levels as well.

You may check out your notifications from your smart devices as well. An added advantage also goes out for Android users with the possibility of preset fast response prompts.

Expert health tracking systemLacking a GPS system
7-day batteryBands cannot be switched
Light weight designSleek screen may be difficult to navigate
Stress tracking on a daily basis


We give this device a 5 out 5 for its premium health tracking

5.0 out of 5.0 stars




Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

fitness trackers for women

Main Features

  • Weight is 91g
  • Display size is 1.1 inch (AMOLED)
  • OS is FreeRTOS
  • Colour Availability- Black & Scarlet

If you are a pro Samsung user, we have found you the ideal fitness tracker. Do you love travelling and exploring multiple indoor and outdoor sports? If you do this will undoubtedly be your perfect travel buddy.

With the Samsung Health mobile App alongside this fitness tracker you can swipe through over 90 workout methods to find exactly what suits you. Out of these 90, you even have the chance of modifying 10 for yourself and default it as your ideal workouts.

Apart from having the specialty of water resistance for 50 meters, and resilience that reaches military-level standards you might have found just the right device for you to explore your youth and energy in you.

This fitness tracker will also ensure your heart rate, stress levels and monitor your sleep patterns to help develop good health.

The slight downside to these facilities is the absence of a GPS system and that the Operating System might not be as efficient and eloquent as the Tizen OS found on Samsung Smart watches.

21-day batteryBands are sadly not interchangeable
Multiple exercise modesGPS system is absent
Commendable activity-track optionsRestrictive watch face options
Smartphone notifications


For those who are fans of the Samsung ecosystem. We give this device a rating of 4 out 5.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Amazfit Band 5

best budget fitness trackers

Main Features

  • Weight is 12g
  • Display size is 1.1 inch (OLED)
  • Voice Assistant is Amazon Alexa
  • Colour Availability- Midnight Black & Orange

Out of most fitness trackers on Amazon this product is a rather basic tracker user friendly for beginners. It is popular for its simplicity and solid quality. Not only is this simple item reliable on, but also is one of the best budget fitness trackers.

Whether Old fashioned retro watch type or Modern type, this product does its best.

Comparatively this version looks and seems similar to the Xiaomi brand, yet the Amazfit Band 5 possesses winning qualities over the said brand. It contains a ground-breaking PAI health analysing system which if you are concerned about comes in quite handy. With added essential features like activity tracking on a daily basis and a heart rate tracker, this device provides an easy to comprehend evaluation of your health progress.

This product is also known to carry one of the finest built in Amazon Alexa integration. The only other brands that have earned that title are the Fitbit Versa 2 & 3 and the Wyze Band.

This brand, while being affordable also is being accepted as one of the adoptable fitness trackers for women. This most certainly also fits into the list of best budget fitness trackers for beginners too.

For this device we give a rating of 5 out 5 stars.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars


Now with all the details provided, you are simply one click away from purchasing your favourite fitness tracker, inclusive of everything you are searching for in this product.