The best Black Friday 2023 tech deals you can get

Brightly colored vector illustration of a person surrounded by Black Friday deals.
Illustration by Aaron Fernandez for The Verge

Black Friday is here once again, even though the deluge of early deals has made it feel like the holiday shopping season is perpetually hitting its peak for all of November. Regardless, though, today is the day where you should be able to score the very best deals of the year on all things tech.

Whether you’re checking off everyone on your list for the upcoming holidays or you’re just shopping for the very best prices for yourself (we don’t judge), we’re scouring all the quality deals Black Friday has to offer and logging them right here. But keep in mind that our Black Friday and upcoming Cyber Monday coverage goes well beyond this one post. You can find it all right here, and you definitely don’t want to miss some of our…

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