Tesla’s upgraded 2024 Model 3 is now available in the US

Tesla Model 3 (2024) | Image: Tesla

An updated version of Tesla’s Model 3 sedan that was released in markets across Europe, the Middle East, and China last fall is now available in North America. Reportedly codenamed “Highland” while it was in development, it introduces several noticeable tweaks to Tesla’s mainstream electric sedan.

From the outside, the front end’s distinctive bump has been removed, with a sleeker hood and low-profile headlights compared to the old model that Tesla says is “optimized for max aerodynamics,” which should mean more range. It’s also available in two new colors, Stealth Grey and Ultra Red.

Image: Tesla

Tesla’s new and old Model 3 designs (not shown to scale), 2023 on the left in red, and the “Highland” 2024 Model 3 in…

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