Teclast X98 Pro Or Onda V919 Air – Dual Boot VS Windows 10

I think people are always going to compare the Onda tablets with the Teclast tablets as they seem to be the main players in Chinese tablets right now, and have indeed produced some great devices in the last couple of years

I was lucky enough to have the Onda V919 Air a few weeks ago

Great tablet for the money without doubt

Now I have the Teclast X98 Pro – so lets compare the Two

They both come with 4GB Ram and 64Gb Roms and 9.7 inch Screens and Windows 10 on board

But the main difference between the Two devices is the operating systems and the Teclast is a “Dual Boot” Tablet

Running windows 10 in the One partition, and Android 5.1 Lollipop in the other

This gives you the best of both worlds, no more having to use your phone for all your Android needs, and then switch to your PC/LapTop for Windows

You can simply click the icon on the home screen of the Teclast and then choose which you need at that time, which is awesome!

Switching OS takes around 20 seconds and could not be easier

The X98 pro is the upgrade from the original X98 Air which received some great reviews

The beauty of the X98 Pro is that we now have a massive 4GB Ram instead of the 2GB Ram in the Air version

This is more than enough for any tablet PC and means absolutly zero lag or drop in performance

The Android side of things does come with quite a lot of Chinese bloatware but this can be simply deleted through app manager

It did also arrive with everything in Android set to Chinese, but again this is easy to change within the setting menu

The stock Android launcher is a little dull to say the least, so you may want to change this to Nova Launcher for a better overall feel

Playstore is installed as standard so thats always a bonus, and it works perfectly downloading apps very quickly!

WiFi is also super quick with no drop outs whatsoever

There is also talk of a Custom Rom on is way for the Teclast, so that should be interesting to test out

This is a 64GB version so plently of storage, although bear in mind you may want to invest in a Micro SD Card, as the Dual OS does take up quite a bit

With around 20GB avaialable on Android and around 33Gb left over on Windows (Memory can be extended up to 64GB using SD Card)

The Teclast is running an Intel Cherry Trail Z8500 clocked at 2.24GHz compared to the Onda which was clocked at 1.84GHz

The screen is awesome in my opinion with 2048×1536 IPS 9.7 Display, and Gorilla Cornering 2 (to be confirmed) and supports 4K display playback also

Playback of youtube videos is amazing, with zero buffering and crystal clear imaging

We have the standard 2mp and 5mp camera’s which for once actually are not too bad, the Onda was taking aweful pictures, but this teclast seems much better picture quality overall with an “Omni Vision” sensor and auto focusing

HDMI and Micro SD Card slots are always a huge bonus, and we have both here if needed, and also WiDi (Intel’s wireless display feature)

One of the other things I like compared to the Onda is the dedicated Teclast auto update feature, meaning you can keep up with any new software thats released and the click of a button, very handy feature.

10 point capacitive multi touchscreen is super responsive, and scrolling though pages in Windows is a breeze, although the stock Windows edge browser does seem a little faster than the Google Chrome browser, if like me you prefer Chrome to Windows browser, then this might be a slight issue, although its not a huge problem, and in tablet mode the issue does seem to appear.

As with most Chinese tablets, the speakers are not great, compared to the Onda V919 Air the Teclast does however do a better job, mainly as it has a dual speaker set up, and not the single speaker on the Onda.

So Is This a Good Buy

In my opinion if you are looking for a 9.7 Tablet on a budget, then yes the Teclast out performs most others in the market

4GB Ram and a dual boot OS is an awesome feature to have

Is it better than the Onda? I would say yes, simply as you can do more with the Teclast again due to the Dual Boot function

The camera is also better on the Teclast then on the Onda

The only thing I would have liked to see is USB Type C, and a larger capacity for Micro SD Card, the Onda will take a 128GB SD Card, but the Teclast states only 64GB Card which is a shame

Although many devices which state Max 64Gb card, will in reality take a 128Gb card, so maybe I will test this later and report back.

Any Problems?

Well there is One issue which has been reported, and that is over heating

The same issue was found on the X98 Air 3G on release, and it seems it is still present here which is a shame

Teclast have announced that the new batches will have this fixed

I cannot say I have experienced any problems with this issue personally as I do not play games often (this is where the issue mainly appears) but I may indeed have the updated version, as the X98 Pro was first released in August, and I have just received mine this week

I would say if like me you just want a good quaity tablet with super fast performance, and excellent build quality for daily use such as browsing and office work

Then yes you should seriously consider the Teclast X98 Pro as your next tablet PC

I have enjoyed it a lot, and would certainly recommend it